Dr. Al Plechner, DVM



Dr Alfred J. Plechner DVM, has been a Doctor of Veterinary Medicene for Over 40 years, with a special interest in Nutrition, Immunology and Endocrinology. His successes and achievements in these fields are legendary.

Dr Alfred J. Plechner’s greatest achievement lies in the discovery that a great many pet health problems are interrelated to hormonal irregularities and immune system imbalances. His successful treatment program has helped well over 150,000 dogs, cats, horses and people worldwide. 

As the good doctor says, "The goal and best treatment lies in prevention and to ideally identify the problem before the catastrophic illness actually manifests itself."



In today’s altered environment, it has become vitally important to use a probiotic to replace the damaged strains of friendly bacteria, fungi and yeast that are necessary to maintain good health, in all intestinal tracts of humans and animals.

50 years ago, when I first began veterinary practice, probiotic replacement was NEVER as important as it is today.

Unfortunately, considering the toxic changes humans and animals are exposed to in todays altered, environment, supplementing active live strains of necessary bacteria and yeast must become part of maintaining good health, for both humans and animals.

I have found that a probiotic pet supplement, called PawBiotics, accomplishes all the important criteria that I find necessary, to keep my patients healthy and happy.

For further information on this subject, please go to the www.drplechner.com and under Dr. Plechner’s Corner, and read The Use of Probiotics is Becoming More Important Every Day for You and Your Pet.

In my opinion, PawBiotics probiotics that also contains prebiotics, digestive enzymes and vitamins is the best you can do for your pet today and in the future.

Hopefully this information will keep your pet happier, healthier and live a longer life.



Dr. AL Plechner