Finally! END and CURE The #1 Cause of Vet Visits....

Your Pup's Skin and Ear Issues

Unfortunately most Pet Parents leave with a high bill, 

no results and continued suffering for their furry family member

Today you're going to learn how

the Billion $$$ pet food industry

and your Vet are conspiring

against your Pup's

health and longevity

You probably already know this....

But most "traditional" Vets only treat the symptoms and not the underlying cause of your pup's problems. 

They view the skin and ears as a separate system. This is the main reason that the traditional approaches of creams, salves, ointments, prescriptions and shampoos just don't work is because the problem actually is coming from the inside, not the outside. I'll get to that in just a minute.

A Holistic approach views all of the body systems as integrated, each affecting the others. The skin and ears as a system are functioning in relation to the other important body systems and organs such as the digestive and immune systems, liver, kidneys and others.

In this short report, you're going to learn the surprising and dark secret that causes most skin and ear problems that turn into serious illness and disease...

But also how to combat it to stop your pup's suffering once and for all AND keep them happy and healthy for many, many years to come, so....


Skin and Ear problems may just save their life if you understand this and take the correct action

The skin is part of what is called the integumentary system which also includes the fur, nails, glands, ear canals and ear flaps. It keeps their bones, tissues, organs and muscles where they belong.

So now you see why all that itching and scratching can manifest itself on the skin, feet, ears and glands.

In most cases it is a result of a more serious underlying cause, which you'll learn about below.

So what you thought was just a normal but stressful skin and ear condition could now be putting you on the road to literally saving their life.

 Understanding what's going on INSIDE your Pup can stop their suffering AND extend their life

In many cases, the start of the beak down of their internal systems actually starts with their food. Most people don't realize it, but commercial pet food companies are not required to list carbs on their labels because of high $$$ lawyers lobbying the FDA. 

Why did they do that? because carbs are MUCH cheaper ingredients and it adds billions to their profits.

This is the dirty little secret of the Billion $$$ pet food industry. So don't feel guilty for a second because it's just not your fault.

And Vets are complicit because they promote and even sell high carb commercial foods that are a major cause of illness and disease in your furry family members.

Here's where the problem starts:

Dogs don't have the same digestive enzymes we do to properly digest carbs and this irritates their digestive system. Over time it can create tiny tears or micro holes that allow toxins, bacteria and other nasty things into their bloodstream. This causes chronic inflammation and autoimmune disorders.

This manifests itself into yeast overgrowth (the bad kind) and an increase in histamines from the autoimmune response which results in the horrible skin and ear problems.

Now you see why this is so important because the autoimmunity will cause illness and disease to shorten your pup's life

Strengthen the Digestive System and the Immune System Follows for the ULTIMATE in dog health

The digestive system of your dog compromises over 80% of their total immune function. The key to digestive health hinges on the ratio of good bacteria to bad in the gut.

If the % of bad bacteria is higher than the % of good bacteria it is called Dysbiosis. This is bad.

We're going to show you how to get your pup OUT of Dysbiosis for a happy healthy life.

If you can build up the good bacteria and kill off the bad, the digestive and immune systems will be vital and strong.

When you achieve this, those autoimmune responses no longer occur, and those nasty skin and ear problems go away.

Plus you greatly improve their chances of not having to worry about illness and disease since the immune system is so strong.

So here's your opportunity to BEAT the Billion $$$ pet food industry by taking...

A natural approach to heal them from the inside by adding....

5 key ingredients to combat

those nasty carbs to give them

the best chance for

health and vitality

  • Yeast and Soil based Probiotics- both build up the ratio of good bacteria to bad. The soil based organisms are incredibly sturdy and multiply quickly- plus they are not killed off by antibiotics. The yeast based organism do the same but also kill off the bad yeasts that make those skin and ear problems that much worse.
  • Digestive Enzymes- These enzymes break down their food and carbs so that it is digested easier while increasing the absorption of nutrients. It helps reduce the load on the digestive system, liver and other organs and helps prevent inflammation and leaky gut
  • Prebiotics- These are undigestible fiber that are a food source for the yeast and soil based organisms to grow and thrive. The best are from plant sources that also provide phytonutrients and vitamins as well.
  • Turmeric- in the form of the compound Curcumin, it has amazing anti inflammatory properties which keep the digestive syustem strong and healthy
  • Fish Oil- loaded with Omega 3's another excellent anti inflammatory ingredient

The combination of these ingredients will work wonders to strengthen your pup's digestive and immune system, preventing inflammation, leaky gut, autoimmunity and disease and illness to keep them happy and healthy for many years to come.

Our Advanced Regenerative Formula is loaded with those key ingredients to heal your Pup from the inside.

Grab some today to put your pup on the road to happiness, health and longevity

(and finally get YOURSELF some relief too!)

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This is an awesome product. My dog had a chronic ear issue

Jane B. Topeka KSJanuary 20, 2018

This is an awesome product. My dog had a chronic ear issue for 4 years. We tried everything the Vet recommended including sedating him so they could put medication in his ears - nothing worked. I tried this product and within 3 days, the ear scratching was 90% gone. I've used it for 3 months now and we have no ear issues. I hardly ever write reviews but this product is worth it.

Check out this bonus video with more tips on how to cure skin and ear problems: