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If you are tired of seeing your Yorkie suffering and sick of cleaning up diarrhea, it may be time to seek a solution that could not only solve their digestive issues, but also their joint pain, skin problems, ear problems, and more — without the expensive veterinarian bills. It may seem like a miracle solution, and with hundreds of other products on the market making similar claims, we understand that it may be difficult for pet owners to know the difference between a product that works and one that is all hype. However, our digestive enzymes and probiotics are made specifically for dogs, treating their diarrhea and other digestive issues, and here’s how it works.

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your yorkie's immune system

Your dog’s best defense against infection, disease, and illness lies with its digestive system. If Yorkies are unable to get the nutrition they need from the food they eat, many problems will begin to show, starting with vomiting and diarrhea, and eventually developing into skin issues and serious disease.

Due to food allergies, environmental exposure, and genetic disorders, Yorkies in particular are susceptible to poor digestion, and thus suffer regularly from severe immune deficiencies and diseases. Read More

Because it costs less than a cup of coffee a day, PawBiotics is an affordable, maintainable solution
to the problems from which your Yorkie has been suffering.

PawBiotics™ The Solution

We knew the solution to these problems hatd to fulfill four specific qualifications.

  • 1) The solution had to aid the dog’s digestive system in a way that promoted health, absorption of nutrients, and healing of any existing problems.
  • 2) It had to be made of high-quality ingredients, as well as taste and smell good so dogs would want to eat it, even though food up to this point has made their stomach hurt.
  • 3) It had to be simple and easy enough for pet owners to give to their pups on a regular basis.
  • 4) It had to work for a wide variety of breeds.

By combining a special blend of prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and vitamins in a savory, easy-to-administer package, PawBiotics™ has been able to fulfill each of these requirements. Because it uses human-grade probiotics, tailored specifically for dogs and cats, it contains all the ingredients necessary to:

  • Present good bacteria into the digestive system
  • Help this good bacteria thrive
  • Help the digestive system absorb more nutrients
  • Give your pup the vitamins he or she needs to be healthy

Problems PawBiotics Solves

Yorkies in particular have very delicate digestive systems, which can be knocked out of balance very easily with the wrong food or allergens in your home. Because of this, they are susceptible to a variety of conditions that PawBiotics treats, including:

  • Diarrhea, gas, and vomiting
  • Skin problems
  • Ear infections
  • Mobility issues
  • Joint pain
  • Poor nutrient absorption
  • Failing immune system

Don’t Settle for Imitations

There are a number of pet probiotic imitators available on the market, promising you a better solution for a cheaper price. PawBiotics is one of the only solutions on the market made with human-grade probiotics and the highest quality ingredients, giving you a solution that will make a lasting change.

Order yours today and see what a difference PawBiotics can make in your life and the life of your Yorkie. If you are still unsure, contact our team today and read our reviews from Yorkie and other dog owners who use and love our products.