Advanced Regenerative Formula Probiotic Blend 3 Pack (1 FREE BAG)

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Product Description

You love your furry family members, Right? Are you tired of seeing them suffer from:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Skin and ear problems
  • Joint pain
  • Many other health problems?
What if you could make them feel better WITHOUT costly trips to the Vet?

What if you could help them heal themselves?

What if the solution was as simple as giving them a scoop of a powder?

Well that possible solution that is a powder is PawBiotics(tm)!

Here's how it may help your pet:

  • Food Grade Probiotics to help maintain proper intestinal flora
  • Digestive Enzymes that may increase their nutrient absorption from their food, strenghtening their immune system (Most people don't realize your pet's largest immune organ IS its digestive system!)
  • Prebiotics that may fuel the growth of the good bacteria that quickly overtakes the bad bacteria that causes disease and poor health
    Some additional benefits:

       It may save you money

      Not only will your pet enjoy a healthier life with more energy and less health problems, but our food grade probiotics may save you money! Simply put, a stronger immune system means your pet will make less trips to the vet- NO MORE UNECCESARY TRIPS FOR DIGESTIVE AND SKIN AND EAR PROBLEMS so you may save money on vet bills. And the possibility of increased nutrient absorption means your pets will naturally want less food to keep them healthy. IT'S INCREDIBLY COST EFFECTIVE WITH 60 SERVINGS PER CONTAINER FOR UP TO A 2 MONTH SUPPLY. THAT'S ABOUT 50 CENTS A DAY. ISN'T YOUR PET WORTH THAT?


      You may see immediate results
      Our easy to use PawBiotics powder is more effective than pills, tablets or sprays, so you should start seeing a difference right away!  PawBiotics™ is backed with a 100%, no questions asked, empty bag money back guarantee. Administer at least a scoop a day for 30 days- if you don't see the results you want, just let us know an we'll issue a full refund!
      There are no potential side effects
      You can have peace of mind, knowing that our all natural formula doesn't include any harmful ingredients or cause any negative side effects. PawBiotics only helps and never harms! Our formula contains the highest quality soil and yeast based organisms scientifically proven to be the best for pets, digestive enzymes and prebiotics that are all natural, NO MSG, PATHOGENIC BACTERIA OR HIGH PERCENTAGES OF SUGARS OR ANIMAL BY PRODUCTS





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